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Yoga for Neurodiversity
In-person Workshops

All nervous systems are different; there is no “one right way” to feel, think, or connect with the world around us. However, when our differences are not accepted and supported, we can end up feeling disconnected and misunderstood. As I explore my own neurodivergent identity, I’m learning the importance of joy, rhythm, and rest to stay regulated and present while living in a world that isn’t designed for my nervous system. I would love to share some of my favorite practices with you.

Whether you are brand-new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, these workshops will provide you with tools to care for your well-being in ways that work for your unique nervous system. All brains and bodies are welcome!

Workshop Info

Hosted by Adventure Rock WKP, Milwaukee, WI.

2024 Workshop Dates:

  • June 22 – Joy: Join me for an educational and interactive workshop exploring the joy of connection with our body through stimmy, playful movement and mindfulness.

  • September 21 – Rhythm: Come experience what it means to regulate the nervous system through a gentle introduction to rhythmic breath and movement practices rooted in Kundalini Yoga.

  • December 14 – Rest: We’ll become one with gravity as we explore the body at rest in this cozy, restorative workshop focused on somatics and Yoga Nidra (“yoga sleep”).


During each 90-minute neurodiversity-affirming workshop, you can expect:

  • Space to participate however you wish.

  • Opportunities for group sharing and connection.

  • Info-dumping from the heart, from yours truly!

  • Guided mindfulness and yoga practices with options for different needs.

  • Time for journaling and reflecting.

This is an adult yoga class and is for students 14 and up only.

If you have questions about accessibility (or anything else), please email Becky at and know that I am genuinely happy to help.

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