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5 Ways Neurodivergent People Experience Yoga Differently

Yoga practice is different for every brain and body. It can take time to find the variations, props, and practices that feel most supportive for you. Read on for some examples of how your own yoga and mindfulness practice might look or feel different from the people around you as you find ways to support your nervous system following your body's own inner wisdom!

  1. Movement may be a place of stillness. Stillness doesn’t have to feel motionless. You can rock, sway, stim, or move in any way your body needs!

  2. Cues that tell us how we should feel can be confusing. I might feel anxious in a pose, while you feel relaxed. Each one of us is having our own, totally unique experience! Words that describe others’ feelings don’t always describe our own.

  3. We may prefer a home practice or virtual classes. Even sensory-friendly & trauma-informed studios aren’t always safe or accessible. You can learn & practice yoga in any way that works for you: on social media, live online classes, from a book, at a local studio, etc.

  4. We may take a different path to understanding. Yoga concepts are abstract and it’s okay if you don’t "get it"; that’s the practice! Learning styles & interests vary widely, & we are all on our own timeline. Start small, go slow, & be really kind to yourself along the way!

  5. We may use creative props & tools for our mind & body. Needs vary across bodies, brains, & situations. Use any props & tools you need, such as for balance, focus, & comfort: a pillow, a chair, fidget toys, music, support animal, etc.

There are many other ways that the neurodivergent experience of yoga can be different, and you don’t have to be neurodivergent to relate to any of these examples. All nervous systems are different, and it’s normal to be different! Learn more with me at my Yoga for Neurodiversity Workshop on January 29th, 2023 via Zoom. Register and learn more on my Events page.

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