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Rethinking Differences: A Story About Neurodiversity (Hosted by MC3 Milwaukee w/ sign language interpreter)

Updated: May 7

Neurodiversity = all nervous systems are different. We all have different brains, different bodies, and different experiences of the world. This is both a fact, and the foundation of the neurodiversity movement, a social justice movement connected with the broader disability rights movement.

The Neurodiversity Movement urges us to shift our thinking away from pathologizing differences in our internal wiring, such as autism, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and many other DSM-5 disorders, and instead recognize differences as natural, neutral, and normal variations amongst human beings. When we start to look at disability as being social in nature rather than inherent to an individual, the question becomes "How can I support you?" rather than "What's wrong with you?" 

Neurodiversity and the movement it inspired has a rich history. As we begin to hear the term "neurodiversity" used more often, it's critical to understand what it really means.


Objectives for this meeting include:

  • Neurodiversity terminology & concepts

  • The history of the Neurodiversity Movement

  • Ways we are different from one another

  • The impact of pathologizing differences

  • And how to be neurodiversity-affirming in your work!

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