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Yoga for Neurodiversity Project Update!

For those of you who missed my August and October project updates on Instagram, here's what I've been up to...

I have been busy learning and planning, creating and teaching!

In May: I visited the U.K. (virtually) to take Yotism’s three-day Yoga for Autism Foundation Training, aimed at bringing accessible yoga to neurodivegent folks. Check out their work at

In July: I visited Elmhurst, IL for a three-day RMTi training. RMTi stands for Rhythmic Movement Training International, and explores movements that help integrate primitive reflexes and bring healing to the nervous system. RMTi is grounded in psychology and neuroscience, and compliments traditional yoga practices. Visit for more info.

In September, I came out from behind the screen and gave my first Yoga for Neurodiversity presentation to my friends in SWAN, a local support group for autistic adults hosted by the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin ( This also marked my first group yoga teaching experience since yoga teacher training!

In October: I held my first public Yoga for Neurodiversity workshop at the Heart Revival Center for Yoga with both in-person and virtual attendees; a truly neurodiverse group. By teaching through my own lived experience, this marked my first live public appearance as an openly neurodivergent, agender human being. I was grateful for the warm reception, and enjoyed sharing space with everyone who attended to learn with me.

In November and December: I will be presenting to a group of coworkers at Ascent Wellness Program ( on the topic “Understanding Neurodiversity.” There will also be a refined replay of the Yoga for Neurodiversity workshop. Together, we’ll learn about the nervous system and how the traditional practice of yoga is designed with neurodiversity in mind. Then we’ll experience some of my favorite yoga practices together by moving and breathing on our mats. You can find details and a sign-up link on my Events page.

Advocacy work is healing, and it is also emotional labor. I am looking forward to getting back to creating website content in the new year! Perhaps I'll even get around to writing a blog that describes more about the emotional journey of practicing yoga off the mat through self-study and social justice work.

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