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Yoga for Neurodiversity Project Update: April 2023

I’ve been balancing and transitioning. And, of course, petting moss!

Keeping up with commitments without burning out is hard for me, and I'm recognizing the need to ask for help more often. It's uncomfortable, and it's also been worth it. Thanks to everyone who is on this planet with me!

In January: I held a virtual Yoga for Neurodiversity workshop, and it was my first time hosting a public event by myself! I was greeted on Zoom by a mix of new and familiar faces, and I offered some of my favorite yoga and mindfulness practices for folks to try. It was hard work, and I did need support, so it wasn’t really all by myself. You can expect more virtual offerings in the future!

P.S. My workshops are a great place to start if you are curious about yoga, and would feel supported by a neurodiversity-affirming space. See my events page for upcoming opportunities!

In February: My partner and I flew to Arkansas to visit my family and hike in the Ozarks. The trip was fantastic, and it was lovely to see my family. The air travel experience, though, was pivotal regarding how I view my sensory needs. Airports and planes are painfully overstimulating environments for me, so I brought along noise-canceling headphones to protect my ears. Meeting just one of my sensory needs in a busy public space made it surprisingly tolerable. It reinforced that my health has value, and I deserve to accommodate my needs (and ask for help, too)!

In March: I started to experience signs of burnout as winter transitioned to spring… I felt like I was being dragged along through life, so I decided to seek support. I joined a 6-week Mindful Transitions series from Mindful Movement for Misfits for self-care support this spring (and Caitlin is lovely!). I also began working 1:1 with a dietitian (a former coworker!) to support my nutritional needs, which are extra challenging due to sensory issues around food. I’ve been embracing a new appreciation for my health because I have to; burnout super-sucks!

In April: I facilitated my final meetings for the social support group for Autistic adults through my local Autism Society. I offered a mini-version of my workshop for these meetings, and it was fulfilling to see friends getting into the experience and enjoying themselves. From here on, I will again be a participant in the group. (In June, I will be returning to the Autism Society to facilitate a new workshop series for adults exploring their Autistic identity.)

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