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Upcoming 2024 Workshops

Around the corner!

Yoga for Neurodiversity in-person workshops at Adventure Rock WKP, Milwaukee, WI.

Save the dates for 2024:

  • June 22: Joy

  • September 21: Rhythm

  • December 14: Rest


Learn more and register at


Community Connections

Yoga for Neurodiversity Community Discussions 2024-1 (1).png

Image description: purple and green text on light green and blue-green background shapes, with some very lovely green moss in the background border. Text reads: “Free to join! Yoga for Neurodiversity Community Connections. Monthly themed Zoom gatherings for neurodivergent friends & allies to meet, learn, and discuss all things yoga & neurodiversity. 12 PM CENTRAL TIME •  4TH THURSDAYS."

Yoga for Neurodiversity Community Connections

You’re invited! Join Becky for monthly community Zoom gatherings to discuss all things yoga and neurodiversity. There will be space and time to get nerdy, listen, ask questions, think out loud, make new connections, and share what we’re learning with one another. All brains and bodies are welcome!

Who this is for:

  • Neurodivergent yoga teachers and students,

  • Yoga and mindfulness professionals who desire to understand and affirm neurodivergent experiences, and

  • Anyone else seeking to learn more about neurodiversity-affirming yoga.


Meetings are held via Zoom on the 4th Thursday of each month. There is no cost to participate, but you need to register if you wish to join so that you can receive the Zoom link and access the recording afterward.

If you'd like to share your input or volunteer to lead a topic discussion or practice at a future session, please take a moment to fill out this survey.

Missed a meeting? Click here to access the recordings.

2024 meeting dates and topics:

  • January 25: What is neurodiversity-affirming yoga? 

  • February 22: How neurodivergent folks experience yoga differently

  • March 28: What is a neurodivergent-friendly yoga space?

  • April 25: The benefits of yoga for neurodivergent folks

  • May 23: Why more neurodivergent yoga teachers are needed

  • June 27: Advocating for neurodivergent inclusion in yoga spaces

  • We will be taking a break for July and returning in August with fresh topics and slightly new format! New session dates will be announced soon.

During each 60-minute meeting, you can expect:

  • Space to introduce yourself & share contact info/network. (5 min)

  • Introduction to the ideas, terms, and questions being discussed. (10 min)

  • Time for reflection and journaling. (5 min)

  • Open sharing and discussion related to the topic. (35 min)

  • Time to ask questions and suggest topics for future meetings. (5 min)


How this works:

  • Participate however you choose; observing is learning, too.

  • Communicate via your microphone or the chat function.

  • Meetings will be recorded for registered participants to view afterward.


Please ask for what you need! Email Becky at or send me a DM on Instagram @yoga_for_neurodiversity

Contact Me or email to inquire about scheduling an educational presentation or workshop tailored to your group!
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