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Free Downloads

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Online yoga teachers and studios offering free recorded content and teacher trainings for diverse minds and bodies. 
  • accessible yoga school with a social justice and community focus offering in-depth courses, mentorship programs, and more.

  • Warrior Flow School

  • Yoga for All Bodies 

    • accessible and inclusive yoga teacher training programs

    • free classes in English and Spanish plus more live & recorded content available w/ subscription; Latina-owned, Body Positive, accessible, trauma-informed yoga.

  • Yoga with Avery 

    • a variety of online live & recorded adaptive yoga classes w/ a sliding scale; taught by and for queer, trans, and neurodivergent folks.

  • Fringe(ish) 

    • dozens of on-demand yoga classes free via YouTube and more available with membership; Fat Positive, LGBTQIA2+, neurodivergent-friendly.

  • The Underbelly 

    • subscription-based online live and recorded content; BIPOC-owned, Body Positive, LGBTQIA2+.

  • Dianne Bondy

    • subscription-based online live and recorded content; woman/BIPOC-owned, Body Positive.

    • accessible yoga teacher training for BIPOC, LGBTQIA2+, and disabilities.

  • Yoga with Adriene

    • hundreds of free recorded classes on YouTube for a variety of experience levels with live & recorded content available by subscription; Latina-owned, Body Positive.

  • Mind Body Solutions 

    • free live online adaptive yoga classes for people living with a disability.

    • free teacher training videos available on-demand.

  • Susanna Barkataki

    • South Asian author of Embrace Yoga's Roots: Courageous Ways to Deepen Your Yoga Practice; lots of educational content.

    • teacher training for inclusive yoga.

  • Yotism: Yoga for Autism

    • UK-based yoga studio with online classes for youth and adults.

    • specialist teacher training in yoga for autism.

  • Insight Timer 

    • free app with thousands of recorded meditations and yoga videos.

Informational resources for neurodivergent folks and allies, (mostly) created by and for the Neurodivergent community.

  • All Brains Belong VT 

    • Neuroinclusive healthcare community with free webinars, online support groups, and resources for patients and doctors.

Book nerds! Looking for books about neurodiversity?

Check out Autistic, Typing's bookshop or visit for some epic book lists!


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