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Hi, I'm Becky.

Yoga Teacher. Moss-petter. Human Being. Neurodiversity Advocate. Neuroqueer Space-holder and Bridge-builder. Learn more about me and this project below.

New for 2024!

Yoga for Neurodiversity Community Connections

You’re invited! Join Becky for no-cost monthly community Zoom gatherings to discuss all things yoga and neurodiversity. There will be space and time to get nerdy, listen, ask questions, think out loud, make new connections, and share what we’re learning with one another. All brains and bodies are welcome! Click the button below to learn more and register...

About Me

I use they/them and she/her pronouns. I'm married, white, thin, middle-class, disabled, agender, neuroqueer, auDHD (autistic + ADHD), a nature and sci-fi nerd, and living in a 41-year-old body. I feel very much like I'm still waiting to find out I'm a grown-up! I enjoy having a bit of a rebellious spirit, petting moss, reading science and sci-fi books, swinging in my backyard, and eating fish sticks with green beans and macaroni & cheese. I also love hiking, meditating with trees, playing tabletop games, and cuddling with my dogs. 


I am an openly neurodivergent yoga practitioner and teacher, human resources professional, neurodiversity advocate, and a community space-holder, educator, and bridge-builder for my peers. By day, you can find me at Ascent Wellness Program (check us out at the link). By night, you can find me at my local Autism Society chapter, where I facilitate a social support group for Autistic adults. In my spare time, I also enjoy offering yoga workshops (through this project) and volunteering with a local ecological conservation organization. It’s a lot to keep up with for someone with a nervous system that is easily dysregulated; my yoga and mindfulness practice is a big (ok, huge) part of how I am able to be in the world in the way that I am.


I am eager to share the experience of yoga and mindfulness with you in a way that is neurodiversity-affirming. Check out my Events page for upcoming virtual and local in-person offerings in the southeastern Wisconsin area-- the ancestral lands of the Peoria, Bodwéwadmi (Potawatomi), Myaamia, Hoocąk (Ho-Chunk), and Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo) peoples (learn more at:


Here is an abbreviated list my credentials:

  1. I have 40+ years of lived experience as a neurodivergent human being.

  2. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and religious studies; for as long as I remember, I’ve had a deep and focused interest in how other people sense, think, and interact with their reality.

  3. I have worked with people in various capacities in social services, mental health recovery, and human resources since 2005, despite being told in my youth that I should choose a career working with objects rather than humans (that rebellious spirit is wonderful!).

  4. I am a 200-hr Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (200-RYT) since 2020.

  5. I hold certificates from Rhythmic Movement Training International (RMTi), Yoga For All Bodies, and Yotism (yoga for Autism) related to providing accessible and inclusive yoga and mindfulness offerings for all bodies and nervous systems.

Purple text on a light blue and rainbow nebula background, with green infinity symbols for bullet points. Text reads: A Neurodiversity-Affirming Yoga teacher: Values all forms of self-expression and ways of being; Affirms that each person is having their own experience; Makes space for all experiences to happen safely; Emphasizes bodily autonomy and freedom of choice; Empowers students to explire their own inner wisdom.

About This Project

Yoga for Neurodiversity is a project I started in 2021, shortly after receiving my Autism diagnosis. I needed a way to share my experiences as a neurodivergent yoga practitioner and teacher with a community of fellow human beings who would understand. This project has been growing and evolving with me, and has involved developing skills like using social media (Instagram and YouTube), recording videos, offering live in-person and online yoga workshops, public speaking, neurodiversity advocacy, support group facilitation, and community leadership. I am just beginning.

If you are new to the language of the Neurodiversity Movement, or new to the practice of Yoga, I invite you to learn more here: What is Yoga for Neurodiversity?

In its current iteration, this project is focused on identifying the components that comprise the spirit of a neurodiversity-affirming yoga practice, and sharing these with the world. Some questions I've considered include:

  • How might a neurodivergent person experience yoga differently?

  • What access barriers exist for neurodivergent people to be able to discover, learn about, and practice yoga and mindfulness?

  • What makes a yoga studio, class, or teacher "neurodiversity-affirming"?

  • How can yoga teachers show up in a way that really celebrates differences and encourages authenticity over conformity?

  • Which yoga and mindfulness practices do my neurodivergent students seem most drawn to, and why?

Looking for the answers to these questions? Check out this article in Yoga Journal:

Sharing the message that yoga is for all bodies and all brains is as natural to me as it is challenging. I can't imagine being any other way, and yet, being myself in a world that is often too bright, too loud, and too fast can also feel exhausting. It is good to have company. Thanks for being here on this journey with me!

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