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Yoga for Neurodiversity Project Update: July 2023

I’ve been connecting & settling... and cultivating joyfulness!

In April: I taught this year’s first in-person workshop to a full house, and leaned into my awkwardness as a way to reduce social anxiety. Go me; I did it! I made new & meaningful connections with neurodivergent folks both online & IRL. I made progress on developing materials for “Exploring Your Autistic Identity,” a new local Autism Society program (postponed until October 2023).

In May: I had fun doing a podcast interview on Yoga Corner Chats, where I shared about what it means to be neurodiversity-affirming. I surprised myself with how readily I went into the new experience without expectations, and how much this reduced anxiety! I also spent a week in the forest & on the water, settling into a new season with the intent to cultivate more joyfulness.

In June: I focused more on 1:1 connections, and even embraced spontaneity once or twice (!). I settled deeper into the sensation of connection through joyfulness, and decided to spread more joy with moss pics. I visited Isle Royale National Park (SO MOSSY) and breathed through quite a lot of discomfort to hike the backcountry, in the hopes I’d see a moose (I didn’t).

In July: I was inspired to evolve the Yoga for Neurodiversity Workshop into a new series of offerings on the theme of “Exploring Your Neurodivergent Identity.” I made the conscious choice to schedule new offerings organically, when the mood strikes, and see what happens. In the spirit of sowing joy, my first offering in the new series, Neurodivergent Joy!, will be held via Zoom on August 13th.

A few more insights…

Through self-study, I’m learning to use joy to zoom & whirl myself beyond the black hole I orbit, above the crushing weight of knowledge of entropy and human suffering. Here, my work is more effective. Awareness remains, but I’m reminded that suffering isn’t permanent, and reality is not what it seems.

Joyfulness can be elusive, and it can be cultivated; it can be both spontaneous and planned. Joy can feel vulnerable, and it can feel safe. It is also highly contagious, and nourishment for the nervous system.

This season, I am making more room for joy! Join me on August 13th for a neurodiversity- affirming workshop all about creating space and time for joyfulness in ways that work for you. Register here:

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